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In 1985 the Arrien family took their first whitewater trip down Hells Canyon. It was at that point that Kent Arrien (Parker’s father) knew rafting would be a large part of his family’s life for generations to come. As a young man, Parker Arrien grew up with the anticipation of spring as the snow started to melt and the rivers rise the Arrien house became abuzz with friends and river guys.

“I grew up running many of the rivers the Western United States has to offer. After leaving home for college I decided to seek out summer guiding opportunities on what I believe to be the most beautiful and rewarding rivers Idaho has to offer: Hells Canyon of the Snake River, and of course the renowned Salmon River, “river of no return” (Parker says). 10 short years later Parker Alongside with his wife Becky now own and operate Americas Rafting Company.


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