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Blackstone Bags are professional camera bags for Canon, Nikon, and more. Blackstone was created by a team of photographers in May 2011 to change the way photographers carry their gear. Other camera bags make even the most trendy photographers look as though they're wearing their grandpa's gear. Blackstone Bags are not only sleek and discreet, they are built tough to their core.

We designed our first product, the Urban Quiver now known as the Urban Quiver 3.0, to efficiently store camera gear in a pack that's shaped like cameras and lenses. This day excursion bag will pack everything you need for a day shoot when you don't need the entirety of you gear. We designed the bag to be sleek. This is a camera bag, but few would know unless they opened it up or a tripod is attached, which helps your expensive gear keep a low profile. As another safety feature the main compartment can't be accessed while it's against your back. Unlike other bags, there is no need to worry that your gear is vulnerable in a crowd of strangers. Take all that and add in a lifetime warranty. You are set.

All of our research, design and development is accomplished through out the Beautiful Pacific Northwest. We're committed to developing the best new and improved camera bags for today's modern photographers. Thanks for your support!

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Today in the Blackstone office, we are working very hard to provide you the best products possible. You can look forward to a new bag very soon! This has been a long time coming but it will be worth the wait.

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