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Control your cast and immediately improve accuracy and distance.
Suitable from beginners to experienced anglers of any age or gender.
Features soft neoprene backing for comfort next to the skin.
Guaranteed to help your casting by allowing you control the amount of wrist break that suits your style.
The EaziCastTM Wrist Support and Casting Aid is a great aid for anyone struggling with their cast or training beginners who are learning to fly fish. Unlike other static supports it allows you "set the amount of wrist break" and gives a more natural flexible feel (a certain amount of wrist break can be a good thing).
It supports the wrist and helps develop muscle memory. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large to give you the correct design for your wrist size.


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Wrist Size:
 There are 4 different sizes because like shoes one size does not fit all. Not only does this arrangement make for a more comfortable fit but you get the "correct design" for your wrist size.

Measure wrist using tailor or seamstress tape to find your size.

Small         - 130mm to 160mm (approx 5¼ʺ to 6¼ʺ)  (Mfg. Part No. EZCM130160G)
Medium         - 160mm to 190mm (approx 6¼ʺ to 7½ʺ)  (Mfg. Part No. EZCM160190G)
Large              - 190mm to 220mm (approx 7½ʺ to 8⅝ʺ)  (Mfg. Part No. EZCL190220G)
Extra Large - 220mm to 250mm (approx 8⅝ʺ to 9⅞ʺ)  (Mfg. Part No. EZCEXL220250G)

Download Printable Tape, click the link below!

Wrist Size

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