• What is OutdoorMash?

    OutdoorMash is your portal to all things that are outdoor related. Join us to stay connected to the outdoors. Whether its meeting new people, or buying and selling in the marketplace, OutdoorMash is the place to be.

  • How do I join OutdoorMash?

    Simply click on "Join Now" and you will be prompted to register, follow the instructions, it's easy! Also see our video tutorial on "How Do I Join OutdoorMash".

  • Who is OutdoorMash for?

    Outdoormash is for all outdoor enthusiasts, covering every outdoor activity.

  • Do I have to join OutdoorMash?

    No, you are free to browse our site, although areas of the site may require you to join in order to enter.

  • Is there a cost to join OutdoorMash?

    No, OutdoorMash is a free site to join.

  • How do I edit my profile?

    Once you are logged in, click on Edit Profile from the top right of the page. You will then be taken to the edit profile page. Remember, any changes you make to your profile you MUST click the "Save" button to permanently save that change.

  • How do I change my password?

    Once you are logged in, simply click "Change Password" and that will prompt you to enter a new password, then clcik the submit button.

  • How do I add a listing to my Favorites?

    Each listing that you are interested in will have a yellow "star" at the top of the listing followed by "Add to favorites". Click on the yellow star and that listing will be sent to your favorites.

  • Where do I find my Dashboard for all my listings?

    You will find your dashboard in MashGoods. Click on MashGoods in the green tool bar at the top of the page and you will see "My MashGoods" below and to the right. Click on "My MashGoods" and that will take you to your Dashboard.

  • What is OutdoorNews?

    OutdoorNews is the latest news concerning the outdoors, along with colorful commentary from our writers.

  • What is the "Wall of Fame"?

    The Wall of Fame are snapshots from our members that have been posted in MashPost that we feel other members would love to see! Post your snapshots!

  • What is "My Storage Shed"?

    My Storage Shed is where you store your personal items such as maps and favorite listings. For further detailed information see "My Storage Shed" below.

  • What is MashGoods?

    Mashgoods is our outdoormarketplace where members list items that they want tobuy, sell or trade, all for Free!

  • What is MashPost?

    Mashpost is our outdoor community where you can invite adventurers, share snapshots, videos and more!

  • What is Storefronts?

    Storefronts are members who want greater exposure for the services that they are offering. Included in their storefronts is consolidated listings, more photos per item, video adveritising, custom design and more!

  • What are Travel Tools?

    Travel Tools is a great reference for planning any trip. Here you will find the weather forecast, snow depth report, marine topos and more. Take a look!

  • What is Adventure Reel?

    Adventure Reel is where members post videos that they want everyone to see, not just their fellow adventurers in MashPost.

  • What is "What's Going On"?

    What's Going On is your events calendar for activities that are happening in your area. Post your event today!

  • Is there a cost to use MashGoods?

    No, MashGoods is free to use, although you do need to join to post a listing.

  • How many listings may I post?

    You may post as many as you like, there is no limit!

  • How do I post a listing?

    First you need to sign in. Once you have signed in then click on MashGoods. This will take you to the MashGoods home page. Find "Post a Listing" in the upper right hand corner of the page, then click on it. Next, follow the prompts. Also, please see our video tutorial on "How to Post a Listing"

  • How long will my listing be posted to MashGoods?

    Each listing will run for 30 days. At this point your listing will not be deleted but will go "inactive". Please see our video tutorial on how to "Manage Your Listings".