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Fowl Foolers™ was established in 1988. Since then, Fowl Foolers™ Duck and Goose Calls have been used by Ducks Unlimited, and on a national basis by the National Rifle Association and Waterfowl USA.

Fowl Foolers™ holds five patents in the decoy industry, and produces what is considered by most as the best quality decoy on the market today.

In 2013, Scot Smith took over the company reins. We have rededicated ourselves to the standards for which Fowl Foolers™ has long been known, and Scot adds 20+ years of business experience to the Fowl Foolers™ legacy as we move into a new era in duck hunting.

Our new facility in Port Clinton, Ohio is set up to guarantee that the quality and innovation of Fowl Foolers™ remains at the highest levels.


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