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Our mission here at GrillJunkie™ is to convey our obsession, passion and addiction to Grilling, BBQ, & Burgers! Through our informative and interactive grilling blog posts, our ever-expanding list of Grilling and BBQ recipes, our Grilling Product and BBQ Sauce Reviews, as well as our grilling products and apparel lineup, we inform, learn from, and interact with our readers while honing our grilling skills and cherishing our time with family and friends.

One of our readership duties is to provide Grilling and BBQ product reviews through our Grilling Product Review (GPR) rating system. Designed to assist and inform the grilling and BBQ consumer in their buying decisions, the GrillJunkie™ team reviews and rates grilling products by providing a 6 category written review, and then assigning a 1 – 5 scaled FirePot rating to the product for our readership.

As you certainly can imagine, and most likely have experienced yourself, many products on the market today run the gamut from Gotta Have It!, Cool, Useful, Utilitarian, Ridiculous and the, well, Just Plain Asinine!

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