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Gulf Water Gear is so much more than your average clothing design company. Inspired by the Gulf and all the activities that it has to offer, we aim to offer our clients a unique, relaxed clothing line to best suit their Gulf experience. Whether it is a trip out on the boat to fish or a day at the beach, we want to provide our clients with clothing that fits the day’s activities.

At Gulf Water Gear we also offer custom design assistance for businesses and special events. From graphic shirt and product designs to embroidery, Gulf Water Gear is prepared to assist you from concept to finished product. We would love to hear what it is about the Gulf that inspires you, and turn it into a product that can bring that inspiration to you whenever you wear our apparel.

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Gulf Water Gear carries an extensive line of trolling and jigging reels. Along with hats, shirts and t-shirts. For the complete listing please click on the link below;

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