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What is guntap? Where did it come from?

The original guntap.com website was introduced to the public in December 2012 as a free, first of its kind utility to allow gun owners to maintain a secure, anonymous, and highly encrypted repository of their reloading data, target shooting histories, firearms, accessories, manuals, and much more.

Presented at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the idea was received positively and has gained traction since its launch. Estimated at several hundred active users, the website (link: https://vault.guntap.com) is gaining momentum as more users find it a reliable alternative to the traditional pen and paper world.

Shortly thereafter, the creators of guntap set out to expand the company into the retail side of the firearms industry, catering to gun enthusiasts, specifically those that handload their own ammunition. Identifying an unmet need within the handloading community (and being avid handloaders themselves), this retail website was founded to provide the public with reloading components, services, and firearm related products and services.

The guntap product line continues to expand rapidly as new connections are made within the industry and additional unserviced niche markets are found. You can like us on facebook, and we occasionally post an article on our blog.

Do you have any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, concerns? Feel free to contact us at any time, or even come have a beer with us at our warehouse just outside of San Antonio (just let us know ahead of time so we can chill the beer).

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