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JogTog was born out of necessity. My husband and I spend a lot of time up in the Foothills. We enjoy jogging the trails and love the beautiful scenery. However, every time we would head up to the trail we were always frustrated with the fact of storing our keys, iphone, etc. We always noticed women tying their big, bulky sweaters around their waist and placing these items in the pockets. I have to admit, I was guilty of doing this too. This works alright, but when you’re walking or jogging, the bouncing and heaviness of the items can be quite distracting. Constantly stopping to pull the sweater back up to re-tie after its slipped way down past your waist is bothersome too. So as my husband and I were jogging one day I said to him “wouldn’t it be nice to have something light-weight with zippered pockets for storage to tie around the waist?” At that moment a light bulb went off--particularly with my husband. He’s always thinking of ideas. We started bouncing ideas back and forth like-- it has to be fashionable, light-weight, breathable, convenient, compact, etc.

That’s how the world’s first workout wrap was born – JogTog! It is so comfortable and handy! I put my keys in one pocket and my iphone in another. My workouts are hands free and enjoyable.

Let’s be honest. This versatile wrap has another awesome purpose. JogTog gives you the added confidence when you head out for your jog, walk, gym, or to run errands with the vertical slimming design that conceals the rear, hips and thighs. No more worrying about unsightly panty lines, or a pair of not-so-flattering spandex. It’s so easy and convenient to just tie-and-go for all your daily activities.

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 JogTogs are made from High Performance Moisture management Jersey Mesh for active wear, sportswear, cycle wear and endless other uses. This Sportek premium quality Wicko active mesh keeps skin dry and has a great feel to skin.


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