Mason Blades
Built For: Skinning, Gutting, Boning & Field Caping


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High quality, light weight, blaze orange, folding blade with gut hook. Most practical field blade on the market. Made for Hunters. www.masonblades.com

A small group of trophy hunters from South East Queensland Australia have gotten together to create a ‘truly practical’ hunting blade. The aim of this enterprise is to create quality usable blades for outdoors people that work. The first product from the team is known as the Field Blade.

This knife was born to be taken on every hunt. From kangaroo shooters of Outback Australia to trophy taggers worldwide, this blade is right for the job.

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The MASON BLADES “field blade” comes with a lifetime warranty. If you have any issues with your blade (such as breakages or faults with manufacturing) send it back to us and we’ll replace it with a newbie… Guaranteed!!!


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