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In 2012, three friends and I decided to escape the noise and bustle of Boston with a trip to the White Mountains. We were all looking forward to a quiet weekend and a break from our nine-to-fives in the city.

The preceding days involved scavenging for essential items, such as tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads. We managed to locate most pieces but some had taken on the odor of the musty attics where they had been forgotten. One of us even had to bite the bullet and buy a brand new tent, which proved to be a significant cost for a young city dweller.

Undoubtedly, we all wished for a full upgrade but it was evident that the cost-to-use ratio did not make it a viable investment. It was mid-September and this trip was the first of the season. And even though we wanted new gear, where would we put it? All of us lived in apartments with roommates, where storage space was limited.

Ultimately, the trip was a great success. How could it not be? We bagged a couple summits, took in the vistas, woofed down some mac 'n' cheese, and barely stayed dry through the night. That's not to say a couple of us wished we had warmer sleeping bags.

Pack Out Gear is a result of that trip. I realized it could have been more successful if the right gear had been easily accessible and affordable. And what better way than to offer a full service that only takes a couple clicks of the mouse?

It's Pack Out Gear's objective to provide quality, brand-name gear at an affordable rate so that more people can experience and value the natural world.


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