OutdoorMash Advertising Package


Want to reach Outdoor Enthusiasts with your goods and services?  Purchase an OutdoorMash Advertising Package for only $16.85 per month.



What do I get for $16.85 per month?


 OutdoorMash Advertising Plan

  • Rotating banner ad promoting your business on Outdoormash Homepage, and throughout the site including Mashgoods Gateway.
  • Reach Outdoor Enthusiasts - over 300,000 monthly impressions, visits and shares for our Outdoormash website
  • Promotional placement of your business on maps in Travel Tools.
  • OutdoorMash will promote your Storefront to our fans on Twitter and Facebook! (rotating impressions)



OutdoorMash Storefront

  • An easy-to-build, easy-to-maintain customized home page for your business that includes unlimited product pages – a single, branded place on the web where all of your listings live.
  • Custom Storefront Banner, Customizable pages to boost your brand, communicate specials or connect with your customers, and a Customized Storefront URL (www.outdoormash.com/yourstorename) so that you can visibly drive customers directly to your Storefront
  • Custom Promotional Boxes to highlight your story, announce events or tell customers about your hottest products. You can even add photos or videos!




Additional Advertising and Promotion Benefits


  • Your Storefront logo will appear next to all of your product listings on the OutdoorMash website
  • A “View this Storefront” link will also appear next to all of your product listings on Mashgoods.
  • Your Product Listings will automatically include your Custom Storefront header, up to 8 photos, email contact, comment box and category navigation.
  • You will receive an OutdoorMash Storefront Membership Badge for display on your blog, website or social network. The Badge will link directly back to your Storefront on OutdoorMash.


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