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Hey guys I’m Isaac, the founder of Pure Shot Outdoors, LLC. We offer products from quality manufacturer’s and of our own design to help you get the most from your outdoor adventures. PSO is fortunate to be surrounded by fellow outdoorsmen from all walks of life who contribute to the company in product development, field testing, business operations and technology.

Growing up in East Texas has given me the chance to pursue my passion. Hunter Safety Training began for me when I was about 5 years old in the back yard with my Daisy Red Ryder. As soon as I was “Dad Certified” and strong enough to hold a .410 up and squeeze the trigger, I was sitting on a bar stool or dad’s lap in a deer stand. I got my first kill when I was six years old and I guess you could say that is when the addiction began.

I loved to watch old western movies as a kid. I wanted to grow up and be an Indian, run around barefooted, live off of the land, sneak through the woods, and hunt anything I could with my handcrafted bow. A lot has changed since then, but a lot never will.

I’m currently a Senior, business administration major at East Texas Baptist University and a returning starter for the Tiger Football Program. Football has a piece of my heart but not all of it. Any chance I get off of the field to follow my three other passions I take it! Huntin’ big game, Shootin’ the feathers, Stickin’ some fish!

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