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Qwak Gear is a product innovator in the field of outdoor activities, especially hunting. Our company conceptualizes, creates and offers gear to help make the outdoor experience more efficient and practical. Based on many years of hunting and outdoor experience our design team has the knowledge and ability to create practical designs that will help make your outdoor trip easier and more enjoyable. We also are socially and environmentally conscious and support conservation. We hope you enjoy our gear.

Founders Matt hany and bobby vericella are experienced hunters and designed and developed these cutting edge products out of practicality.

Hunting protects the environment and many species of animals by protecting habitat, conducting research, and maintaining a healthy number of animals. There are required licenses and maximums for every given season and species to ensure a thriving population. hunters and related organizations and institutions contribute to the sustainability of animals and help maintain areas that otherwise might be developed. we fully support and promote the conservation of all wildlife and habitat.


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