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At Rebel Ammunition we strive to provide affordable bulk ammunition to gun stores through wholesale operations and individuals through direct sales. We will never gouge or take advantage of our customers with the excuse of rapidly fluctuating market conditions brought on by political and social upheaval. We aim to sell our products at a fair market price to ensure that shooting sports and defense of one’s life, liberty and property can be maintained without great sacrifice.

An Arkansas based ammunition wholesaler and dealer dedicated to low prices and maximum value for shooting enthusiasts everywhere. SOF Veteran Owned.

The idea behind Rebel Ammunition was born from the belief that ammunition for sport shooting and defense should be affordable, readily available, and if possible American Made. It is important to note that our name "Rebel" is not derived from some neo-Confederate fantasy, but from our mission in life to question everything and always push the envelope.

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All products require a signature of someone 18 years or older. (except for items in our Swag section.) All products are shipped within 5 days of the order, unless marked as a "pre-order" or "back order".

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