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The original and best scope cover! Protect Your Investment and Add Life to Your Scope! ScopeShield neoprene scope covers are of benefit to any hunter who uses a scope-mounted firearm. It doesn't matter if the firearm is a rifle, shotgun, handgun, or muzzleloader. It doesn't matter what type of action the firearm uses - Bolt Action, Lever Action, Pump, Semi-Auto, Rolling Block, Single Shot, Revolver, Side by Side, Over/Under. If the firearm is equipped to use a scope, ScopeShield has an application that will cover it.

There are several good reasons to cover a scope, particularly in a hunting situation. Although there are some hunting situations where covering your scope may not seem as essential, in most scenarios a cover will benefit you, not hinder you. A well designed scope cover will not slow down a hunter's response to any hunting situation, but will keep their scope AND rifle ready at all times when in the field.

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