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No, Six Shooter Shaving Brushes don’t require a background check. That being said, we thought it might be interesting to let you know a little bit about how our company came to be and why we're so passionate about shaving.

A few years back, the founder's wife gave him a very nice shaving set with a stand, some soap, and a badger brush. Although he thought it was a fabulous gift, the soap that came with the set didn't lather very well, and the brush itself didn't feel very good in his hands. He tried it once or twice, but it mainly just sat on the bathroom counter while he used regular old shaving cream from a can.

So one morning he's shaving in front of the mirror, and for the thousandth time he looks down at this shaving brush that he never uses. And then he notices that the brush has the same shape as the cylinder from a revolver, and then he wondered how that brush would feel if it actually was the cylinder of a revolver...and, well, you can probably guess the rest. Since then, Six Shooter Shaving has been working hard to create the world's best shaving brushes—and we hope you feel the difference the first time you hold one in your hands.


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