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We were first introduced to the concept of the baking nail back in January 2003 while my wife Kimberly and I were attending the Builder's show in Las Vegas while visiting a fastener manufacturer's booth. I had been dealing with the manufacturer prior to this visit in regards to their stainless steel nails and screws for an alternative book I was working on as well as an alternative building I was constructing.

The sales rep was showing my wife these stainless steel nails and was explaining how these would make great baking nails. When all of sudden out of left field as my wife is looking at the nails she says, "Spud Spikes would be a great trade name for marketing this product."

So there you have it—Spud Spikes was born and was put into production under our specification, manufactured in the U.S., and was put on our site on asktooltalk.com for purchase by the middle of 2003.


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