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Here at Straight Down Game Calls we strive for excellence and take pride in our calls every day. We are not just putting out a number of calls. We are putting out a hunting call that's proven and stacks birds, period. From duck calls and goose calls, you've found your one stop shop. There's no looking back, you have the option of buying a call to "get'em straight down". We are down to earth country boys hand tuning every call and trying to give a person a great call at an affordable price. Not only do we love this work but we also enjoy getting kids involved in a sport with deep rooted traditions and history. Each of you should take a kid along at least once and you will understand why we do it. We have put together a strong prostaff that stretches from the east coast to the midwest. Follow these guys as they stack birds throughout the season. Are you ready to take it to the next level?

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Acrylic duck and goose calls "get' em straight down" "pound town" Website: www.straightdowngc.com 573-823-7738

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