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The history of The Wild Calls

It cannot be told unless we go back to the beginning when the first seeds of the Love clan were planted in the Wyoming prairie. A family of Geologists that would literally help define the landscapes of this great western state. From this humble opening act comes one Charlie Love. Charlie’s years as a Geologist/Archaeologist and college professor led him to develop a course for his students that included the hands-on experience of traveling the Wyoming back country. By seeing firsthand the awesome power of the Earth and the time needed to shape our surroundings, his students received what some would call a graduate level education in just four days.
Fast forward 40 years

As a student of Charlie’s, I took “the trip.” I was enthralled by Charlie’s knowledge and the scenic wonders we explored. We walked and talked, picked up fossils and rocks. All the while, our some would say “nutty professor”, explained each object as if he was describing a long lost friend. Seeing a line of adults standing by a roadside cutout holding outstretched hands like kids showing off something sparkly made a lasting impression on me. When Charlie announced his retirement I knew that we could not let this be the end of these Geologic journeys. We would create a company and spend not just four but seven days exploring his world. We would do it in style, no sleeping on the ground, a bus that was customized for learning in comfort and evenings filled with stories of the panoramas we soaked in and the concepts we covered.

Come with us as we explore Charlie’s lifelong passion, ever changing with the passage of time, his world beckons.

The Wild Called me, Joins us, The Wild Calls.

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The Wild Calls offers Charter service aboard our luxurious 40 ft. motor coach. For upcoming charters please visit our website by clicking the link below!

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