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Historic Craftsmanship – to us it’s more than words. It’s our passion. At Reuben Smith’s Tumblehome Boatshop, we feel we have a responsibility to take the lessons learned from generations of boatbuilders before us and apply it to our craft today. Understanding the boat intimately matters. Every detail. Not stopping until everything is just right. It’s that extra effort and expertise that differentiates a boat from a Tumblehome boat.

Whether building a boat from its beginnings, restoring a craft to its original beauty or creating a replica of a classic from years past, we strive for perfection. Our choice to carry on this legacy is deliberate. Our craftsmanship is our integrity. And we settle for nothing short of historic.

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Reuben Smith is boatbuilder and owner of TumblehomeBoatshop, which he has reestablished in the Southern Adirondacks to focus 
on the high‐end restoration and new construction of historic and 
classic wooden boats.

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